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How do you take action for a more equal community?

How do you take action for a more equal community?
(woman laughing) - If an organization, you know, that you are very close, your values are very closely aligned to, just kind of signing up to be on their email list and that’s really simply, you know, so that you know, when they are, they’ve got a particular campaign or they’d like you to come on a protest or they’d like you to do something they have, you know, they have that connection to you via email where they can send you out information. And also, for me, and I know not everybody has the time to do it, but, you know, just going on a protest.
If there was a protest or, you know, a discussion that’s happening, maybe just taking an hour out of your day to just show, show solidarity. So those are two, like, really simple things you can do. And spread it, I mean, social media is a huge thing and everybody’s on social media these days so it’s about just raising awareness of the people that follow you about certain issues that you’re interested in. - So I think one really important way to encourage equality and promote it is to gather people together for celebratory events. So, to gather people together for celebratory events like, for example, LGBT Prides events.
We have loads of them across the UK and we’re really lucky that we’re able to celebrate diversity and equality in all those sorts of ways. And in particular draw attention to people who are sometimes marginalized. So whether that’s in terms of their gender identity, if they are, for example, trans, or if they are from a ethnic minority community, there are events like Sparkle and Black Pride that we have in the UK that are really great and it’s really inspiring to see pride events happening all over the world.

Too often human rights only exist on paper. That’s why we need to stand up and claim our rights.


The human rights defenders in the video do not wait and hope that change will take place by itself. Neither do they sit and hope that people in authority will change things someday. They take action for issues that they care about, they speak up against injustice and stand up for human rights. What are your reflections around this? Who has the responsibility to ensure that the change we want happens?

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