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Planning for Supply System and Regulation

Planning for Supply System and Regulation
Hello, welcome back. In last class we talk something about product itself. Product is very important but it’s also very simple. Product is that why people come to here. Product could be divide into different parts like sightseeing, holiday making, business travel and other kind. Today, we will come to another part in the practice of tourism planning. We want to build a support system and we want to look at the facilities. And also when all the things finished, we want to monitor or implement the planning. So in this class we put the three things together and there are plenty of contents.
When we have a tourism product and people come here mainly for your attraction, However we want to have support system for facilities. Facility is very important. Many things put together go to the facility system. We have at least two kinds. One kind of the facility is transportation and other infrastructure. Another thing is hotel and other tourist facilities. When we plan for a new development especially, there is already a destination city existed we don’t need to build new airway, new airport, new highway or anything. We wouldn’t invest huge money only for tourism.
But for many new countries, for new destination country or new destination area, we want to do some planning in tourism planning for transportation like airlines, railways, highways, water traffic something like that. It’s quite difficult and need s a lot of money. So that’s why we have a government loan from other sources like World Bank and something like that. And we also get accessibility from outside. We also want to make something inside on the regional tourism traffic. And sometimes we even want to make a special plan for scenic byway which means we drive a car and all the scenery along the road is very beautiful. We call it scenic byway.
So, the transportation or the workable planning is the first important thing for the facility. Another thing is that tourist facility major in the shape of hospitality. Hospitality is also a very big concept. In many countries, we have programs like Tourism and Hospitality Management Program department of a school or that kind. So, hospitality in a total understanding is a big thing, not only hotel. But here hospitality is centered around the hotel. We also have some different kind s of hotel, resort, second home, city hotel, business hotel, We also have some different kind s of hotel, resort, second home, city hotel, business hotel, B&B, country inns, motel something like that. Even in the airport we have a portel.
So it’s very complicated for the hotel itself. But here is more than hotel. We have to tell the local government how many new hotels or which kind of hotel they need to build in the future. Also, we want to have some facilites like catering service for eating, for drinking, even for other senators, the souvenir or shopping service, shopping area or something like that. It’s very important and the expenditure in shopping is getting more and more important. In many countries, shopping is not good because people don’t like or there is nothing to buy. So, they bring a wallet but when they come back money is still in the wallet. I have a lot of money or some credit cards.
Credit cards still have the account? Because the shopping items are too limited. Everybody has the experience that Chinese tourists like to do shopping. They have a long line in front of some shopping center s in Paris, in New York, in Japan. That means that the shopping is independent and is very important. So I hope with our tourism planners’ help many destination countries, many destination regions could have more income from tourism expenditure, from the tourists. And also in the tourism facility, we should not and never get information because today is era for IT or ITC information technology and communication. So, we want to build very comfortable and very informative visitor center.
Visitor center is very important to national park, to theme park, to historical street or something like that. So, interpretation, education system all have different kinds the way of personally or attended service or non-personal and non-attend service with the mobile phone in everybody’s hand, we could improve our interpretation service by the cell phone or mobile phone. So, another thing is the facility in transportation and tourism facilities. When we make all the planning recommendation by market, by resource exportation, and for the product, for the structure and for the facility. Except for the facility system we also need a system called support system. Facility is hard system, but support system may be the software.
Because we need government policy, we need land availability, we need invest the money and also we need some human resources because even we have a very good tourism planning, if we haven’t people and there are no people to support, to realize those recommendation, we can do nothing. And also we need money. Money is very important especially for the new-development for a destination. We need money for a new road, new airport. We need facility in the national park, for an interpretation and safety guarantee or something like that.
for an interpretation and safety guarantee or something like that And also when a destination transfers from the tertiary or second industry to the service industry all the regulations even the laws or the policy want to be improved or upgraded. The policy the land to be accepted or taken away from the land stock to support tourtism development. And also the money, and the human resource is very important. So those four things of the tourism support system are very important to make all the tourism planning recommendation go to real. and then we go to a step of implementation for monitoring of the planning. Because we have a very good planning, but we have no capability to make it realized.
So, we want to establish a formal government institution to get the planning to be implemented and also we want to make a special budget from government. to get it approved by the government And also it’s very important to make it implemented by the acquisition system and the fund raising and support from a community and also from other NGOs. So, the implementation of the planning is quite important. Even it is not the planning itself it determines your success and failure. Because if a planning is made very well by the academic or the professional company, but no one will put into action and it means nothing.
So, it is very important to make all these things available and to support the implementation of your tourism planning, recommendation. And also we want to assess if it is realized and put into action, what is impac, a good impact or a negative impact? We also want to do something to assess your performance or the operation or the implementation of the product. Sometimes the tourism planning is very well implemented, but no new income comes. The satisfaction from the local committee and from tourists, is not good. Why? We want to assess some place s or something is wrong or we have some problem. Sometime, with very limited action the return income or the satisfaction level is raised.
And then we assess why this implementation of the plan is very good. So, in a tourism planning we need support system, we need facility, and also we want to monitor the implementation. we need facility, and also we want to monitor the implementation. As a whole picture of tourism planning, we have a case by UNWTO for Sichuan province in China. And this diagram shows the final report of the planning And it’s a very big picture and many parts make the story and the picture big picture. Thank you very much for today’s case study that we have talked something about the facility system and the supporting system and the monitory of the planning implementation. Thank you.

Today, we will come to another part in the practice of tourism planning.

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