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What’s my food made of?

A short video demonstrating that the ingredients lists of our favourite foods can surprise us.
Bread is always a tricky one. I like white bread, but I’ve heard wholemeal is better for you. But what’s actually in a wholemeal loaf? It says it’s high in fibre. But when I checked the ingredients, it seems to still have E numbers. In fact, it has more than the white bread I usually get. They also both contain preservatives. In fact, they’re really quite similar. [BELL DINGS] If you look at their nutritional values, the only real big difference is are that wholemeal has less carbohydrates and more fibre. So how do I know which one is healthier? And can I get a loaf that maybe doesn’t have all these extra ingredients in?

Watch this video to hear how ingredients are presented on a label using white and wholemeal bread as an example.

Do you compare products like on the video? Does the amount of ingredients listed on a label sometimes surprise you?

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Understanding Food Labels

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