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Inspiring a new vision and recognising yourself as a future WiseGP

We explain how these steps can help you create the career you want as a future generalist doctor
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Throug the previous weeks, you should now be able to conceptualise and apply the skills of knowledge work to develop this curiosity further. Now you need to consider, what are the implications for your clinical practice and career as a GP? How can you share this new vision with your colleagues and teams to help to continue this movement toward appreciating the wisdom of general practice?

Inspiring a new vision step

Figure 1. Step by step process to becoming a WiseGP – The inspiring a new vision step.

We want you to feel able to champion your ideas for change, this is something we have described before as a ‘dangerous idea’. We get dangerous ideas all that time.

  • Is it something a patient said, a colleague noticed, or something the system asked you to do that makes you think why?
  • What can you do with that curiosity?

Over at the WiseGP website, we have described how you can use those thoughts to create an idea for change, starting with describing your idea to others.

The Dangerous Ideas worksheet will help you start that process and get your idea out there. A dangerous idea is not dangerous if it stays in your head!

You can read some examples of Dangerous Ideas put forward by medical students, researchers, practicing GPs, and academic GPs. Next, we will give you some practical examples for you to think about.

© University of York/HYMS
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