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FutureLearn Campus launched to mobilise partners towards digitised future of education

09 March 2020, London, UK:, the leading social learning platform, is announcing the launch of FutureLearn Campus, a new offering which will allow its partners which include 25% of the world’s top universities to give millions of their current students and staff unlimited access to the online short courses they deliver through the platform.

With an international student population of over 485,000 in the UK alone, and more students than ever before accessing higher education offerings online, the need for greater flexibility and accessibility within higher education institutions is more urgent than ever (*1). 

FutureLearn enables universities to deliver structured distance learning to students on any device wherever in the world they are. It provides students with a connected social experience and is extremely effective at encouraging their interactions with peers, educators and support staff. 

Short courses can be delivered open, enabling students to join a global community or to private cohorts with additional features, including high-touch support. Students and staff can sign in using their university account to join the university’s short courses with free access to premium features.

Through FutureLearn Campus, universities can open up their virtual doors to today’s globalised, digitally-driven student base, and deliver lifelong learning opportunities to staff, all while responding to the rapidly changing education landscape. 

The first partner to sign up to FutureLearn Campus is the University of Michigan, ranked 21st in the world and with 42,982 FTE students (*2). “Both FutureLearn and the University of Michigan are committed to delivering high-quality education and transforming access to learning,” said James DeVaney, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Innovation at the University of Michigan. “In addition to engaging learners around the world, our partnership with FutureLearn also allows us to provide new learning experiences to our campus community as they seek to deepen knowledge, obtain new skills, and explore new areas of interest.”

Justin Cooke, Chief Content and Partnerships Officer at FutureLearn also commented: “At FutureLearn, we believe that high quality education should be as accessible and flexible as possible. In an increasingly digitalised society, FutureLearn Campus will provide universities with the tools they need to share their content with students and staff all over the world while bridging that gap between their online and in-person offerings.” Justin continued, “Of course, at the moment, due to the coronavirus outbreak, we know online learning is high on universities’ agendas as they do their best to support their staff and students to continue their teaching and studies as normal. We’re working closely with a lot of our partners to support them to do this and we hope FutureLearn Campus is a help at this time.”

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*1 Data from the Higher Education Statistical Authority (HESA)

 *2 THE World University Rankings

About FutureLearn

Here at FutureLearn, our purpose is to transform access to education. We do that by partnering with over a quarter of the world’s top universities to support over 10 million learners across the globe to develop skills and achieve their personal and professional goals. We’re a leading social learning platform founded in December 2012 by The Open University and are now jointly owned by The Open University and The SEEK Group. We use design, technology and partnerships to create enjoyable, credible and flexible short online courses and microcredentials, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. In addition to top universities, we also partner with leading organisations such as Accenture, the British Council, CIPD, Raspberry Pi and Health Education England (HEE), as well as being involved in government-backed initiatives to address skills gaps such as The Institute of Coding and the National Centre for Computing Education.

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