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What Did You Learn This Year? FutureLearn Unveils the Top 10 Courses of 2023

For many of us, 2023 has been the year of learning. What have you learned this year? 

From FutureLearn’s 18 million strong learner base in 239 countries, and in partnership with leading institutions like the NHS, Accenture and The University of Cambridge, here are our top ten 2023 courses:

  1. Basic English Elementary (Kings College London): Topping the charts, the Basic English Elementary course isn’t just about mastering language; it’s about building bridges of communication and upskilling to meet global demand. With over 70,000 learners, this course is attracting individuals eager to overcome language barriers and connect on a global scale.
  1. Level 3 Safeguarding Adults (NHS England): Our runner up this year is NHS England’s Level 3 Safeguarding Adults course, which has drawn in over 30,000 learners seeking to explore professional safeguarding approaches to protect adults at risk. This 3 week course allows learners to build the skills to ensure people at risk of abuse and neglect receive the care and protection they need to stay safe and unharmed.
  1. Digital Skills: Digital Marketing (Accenture): Claiming third position, Accenture’s Digital Marketing course is arming learners with the skills to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and choose the right technique to target customers. From SEO to social media strategy, participants are filling skills gaps to thrive in the competitive world of online promotion.
  1. Digital Skills: User Experience (Accenture): Following closely is another course from Accenture; this time on the digital skills of UX (User Experience). Using videos, quizzes and interactive discussions, learners are able to immerse themselves in the fundamentals of experience design, user journeys and even website structuring. 
  1. Basic English Pre-Intermediate (Kings College London): As the sequel to our number one this year, the KCL’s Basic English Pre-Intermediate course has attracted over 24,000 language aficionados. Slightly more advanced than Basic English Elementary, this follow-up allows learners to develop their use of English in a wider range of everyday situations. 
  1. Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence (Accenture): Perhaps the sector with the most growth in 2023, and the third course in this list by Accenture, is Artificial Intelligence. This course engages over 20,000 AI enthusiasts eager to pioneer the future of technology and the workplace. From AI chatbots to smart personal assistants, AI is used in many businesses to optimise processes and improve working life. As industries rapidly adopt AI, learners are equipping themselves with the knowledge to meet growing demands and contribute to this transformative field.
  1. Teaching English Online (The University of Cambridge): In seventh place, Cambridge University’s Teaching English Online course has become a haven for teaching trailblazers. With a surge in online education, learners are honing the skills to shape the future of education in virtual classrooms worldwide.
  1. Edward Jenner Programme: An Introduction to Personal Development (NHS Leadership Academy): Claiming the eighth position, the Edward Jenner Programme attracts personal growth pioneers in a mission to maximise learning experiences and make time in a busy schedule for personal development. With guidance from the experts at NHS Leadership Academy, learners have been discovering  how to make the most out of life-long learning opportunities in everyday workplace situations.
  1. Digital Skills: Social Media (Accenture): In the ninth spot, we see a fourth course by Accenture in their pioneering Digital Skills range. This course welcomes over 17,000 learners navigating the ever-changing landscape of using social media for business. As social media becomes integral to personal and professional life, learners are cultivating the skills to thrive in this digital social scene.
  1. Introduction to Cyber Security (The Open University): Closing out the top 10 this year is The Open University’s course on Cyber Security, which tackles yet another growing industry with challenging skills gaps. With the increasing threats to digital security, learners are stepping up to protect digital information from security threats. 

FutureLearn remains committed to redefining the learning experience, fostering a global community of learners eager to address skills gaps and pursue knowledge that transcends borders. Join us in this journey of exploration, discovery, and growth in the expansive landscape of online education. Enrollment for these groundbreaking courses is open now at FutureLearn. Be part of the future of learning!

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