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FutureLearn has 3 million learners

The UK’s first massive open online course platform, FutureLearn, has today registered its three millionth learner.

The first FutureLearn courses started in October 2013 and learners have taken more than six million classes.

Learners can choose from 327 courses created by 83 partners from all over the world, including top universities such as Kings College London and specialist organisations like the European Space Agency and The British Museum.

Simon Nelson, CEO of FutureLearn, said the aim is to make education more accessible, convenient and affordable.

“FutureLearn’s mission is to offer courses to as many people as possible, whoever they are, wherever they are, whatever their background and ability, and whatever technology they use,” he said.

He said FutureLearn is founded on the idea of learning through conversation, similar to the way social media users collaborate to hear new perspectives and share ideas.

“Today 38 percent of our learners take part in discussion on our courses. For example, on the University of Strathclyde’s Caring for Vulnerable Children course our 7,000 learners posted more than 55,000 comments between them,” he said.


Notes to editors

  • People use FutureLearn in almost every country in the world. Learners from 211 countries and territories have started courses in the last two months.
  • 62% of our learners are female.
  • 27% of our learners do not have a degree.
  • 38% of visits to FutureLearn are on a mobile or tablet.
  • Pilots of non-English language courses are starting, with our first course in Chinese expected soon.
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