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Domino Chain Reaction (Video)

This YouTube video is the perfect illustration of how a small step can lead to incrementally larger steps and then finally to the big gaines.

Big Wins with Small Goals

Lowell Catlett is an economist, futurist and professor at New Mexico State University. He often starts his talks about the future with a confession you might not expect. He can’t …

Strategy for Fast-Growing Small Enterprises

This article looks at strategy from the perspective of a fast-growing small business and makes the case for a much more “try and adjust” framework. This is a lesson that …

Strategic Doing Cycle with Prompts

This is the Strategic Doing cycle with the prompt to help guide a strategic conversation. You will be asked to reflect on it later in the discussion that follows.

Trust and Complexity

In a previous article from this week we discussed what trust looks like between two people and what is going on in the brain when we are in trusting relationships. …

Trust Me

“Trust me.” It is a phrase most of us have used and one we’ve likely heard from others. When we tell someone to trust us we are asking them to …

Pleasantham Partnership- A Case Study

This case study tells the story of a small town attempting to bring their economy into the 21st Century. You’ll learn about how network thinking helped. The Pleasantham in the …