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Neil Morris

Dean of Digital Education and Professor of Educational Technology at the University of Leeds. For more information see:

Location Leeds, UK


  • Welcome William - thank you for joining the course - looking forward to reading your thoughts, and hearing about how unbundling is playing out in Japan.

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  • thanks for your post, Nokuthula, and for reminding us of important work about equity, which is a central issue for us all.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Gilbert. I don't think it is out of date - conversations between universities and OPMs are happening as we speak about which of these activities might be done by in partnerships to scale up online education, as a response to covid. Hope I haven't misunderstood your comment.

  • @StefanDrew I agree that this might be part of our future, and our research aims to understand the impacts of this on universities, academics, students etc. Do you think this will be a positive change?

  • Hello everyone, and welcome to the course - we hope you find this useful to help during the current situation. I've just written a blog post related to this research project, which you might also find useful: Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in this community.

  • Many thanks for your thoughtful reflection Susan - i completely agree with your analysis. I hope this course helps you to navigate this terrain in the future. Best wishes

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Susan. These maps are snapshots of the situation at a current time . Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to keep these maps updated live. Your point about academic concerns about their teaching materials being used commercially and in unbundled provision has come across strongly in our data collection.

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    Thank you for engaging with this course this week. There has been rich discussion and we have enjoyed contributing! You might be interested to know that we have participants from over 70 countries enrolled on this course, and significant cohorts from the UK, South Africa, India, USA, Australia, Nigeria, China, Canada and UAE. Clearly, this is a topic which...

  • I agree, UB. I recently heard senior lawyers talking about how artificial intelligence is going to completely disrupt the legal profession, and it is already happening in fields like accountancy. Education needs to keep up with what is happening now in these sectors.

  • This is a really important observation, Keith - I have been trying to encourage a conversation about broadening our definition of 'student' and 'learner' to acknowledge a wider continuum of people who are (or want to) engage with higher education level education. I think it is essential that universities do have a role in education across a broader spectrum,...

  • @SheilaMacNeill Hello Sheila, and welcome to the course! Thanks for joining us. Your experience is invaluable in this community, and I hope you will share your perspectives about unbundling, marketisation and digitisation with colleagues here.

  • Where did this 'big push' come from, Georgie? And has it been welcomed by teaching staff?

  • Do you think that lecturers working with instructional designers to create online/blended learning activities is having any unintended (negative) consequences, Lungile?

  • Really interesting to hear that this shift is happening, UB. Are all staff supportive of this direction of travel?

  • Thanks for your comment, Dorris. Do you think that the fact that staff have found using technology makes things easier is the major driver for engagement and adoption? Are there other technologies that could make lecturers' lives easier?

  • Interesting reflections, thanks for sharing. I've always been intrigued why universities don't partner more on education, particularly when they have overcome barriers to collaboration in research. Any easy answers?

  • Agreed, Keith and Janet, i have been trying to encourage people to think more broadly about the concept of student, as this is broadening along a wider continuum than previously conceived.

  • This is a really good question, Irene - universities may be trying to meet the needs of increasing numbers of stakeholders

  • Interested to hear your thoughts on how the academic role is changing as a result of growth in online education, Rachel? We have been thinking about this as well.

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  • Our research suggests that students would consider online learning if it were cheaper, and flexibly available (ie to reduce travel time), but largely our (campus-based) sample of students said they would still do a campus-based degree even if online courses could get them a well paid job.

  • This is really interesting, Alison - which context do you work in?

  • Agreed - many universities are simultaneously thinking about the 'holistic whole' i.e. the programme and moving away from thinking about individual units like modules, whilst also unbundling programmes and marketing individual courses.

  • Brandon - the See Also is a link to the project website briefings

  • Stephen - these are exactly the type of questions that fascinate me. Can you imagine a time when employers want learners to take a collection of accredited courses from universities around the world, to build a relevant and appropriate CV?

  • Many thanks for your positive feedback, Renate.

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