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Diabetes Awareness

Affecting millions worldwide, diabetes treatment and management is a vital issue for health professionals and organisations. Keep up to date with the latest news, treatments and training with online diabetes courses from leading universities.

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Learn more about key diabetes issues with FutureLearn

  • Scientific approaches

    Learning how to treat an ever-growing population with the latest medicines is a key factor in tackling diabetes. Take an online course and stay updated with the latest developments.

  • Patient-centered approaches

    Changes in everything from diet to environment have had an impact on diabetes patients. Online courses can help with understanding the self-care and education awareness issues they face.

  • Socioeconomic factors

    Diabetes management requires an understanding of the complex social factors surrounding it. Whether removing barriers to treatment or improving diagnosis, online training can help.

  • Managing complications

    Many of diabetes’ costly complications can be reduced through insulin. Get up to date guidance on prescribing insulin and the latest debates surrounding it by taking a short course on the subject.

Learn more about diabetes and improve your healthcare skills with an online short course

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What do people say about these diabetes courses?

I found this course to be extremely interesting, informative and very easy to understand… As a non-practising registered nurse, although still working within the health industry, I enjoy keeping up to date with information relating to the medical profession.

Christine Duncan
Learner on Understanding Insulin and Diabetes

This course was one of the best MOOCs I have done and I have done a few. The videos and the graphics explained everything really clearly and I learnt a few things reading the posts from my fellow students.

Yausan Ward
Learner on The Science of Medicines

The benefits of taking online diabetes courses with FutureLearn

Learn online, for free, around the world

Develop valuable skills with a short, online diabetes course wherever you are. Start learning for free, on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Upgrade for tests and Certificates

Upgrade your chosen course to get unlimited access, take tests and prove what you’ve learnt with a Certificate of Achievement.

Meet diabetes experts

Learn with diabetes experts from top international universities and medical schools. Get up-to-date with the latest thinking in the field.

World Diabetes Day logo

World Diabetes Day

14 November 2017

Part of Diabetes Awareness Month, the theme of World Diabetes Day 2017 was Women and Diabetes and the need for all women with diabetes to get affordable and equitable care.

  • World Diabetes Day is the world's largest diabetes awareness campaign
  • Globally, one in 10 women have diabetes
  • The 2017 event aimed to empower women everywhere with education to improve their health
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