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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds It’s Aden. Why aren’t you picking up?

Skip to 0 minutes and 16 seconds I’m in a centre with lots of other people.

Skip to 0 minutes and 21 seconds It’s OK. I really miss you guys, even Miriam and Sarah. But I can’t stay here. I need money to leave. I’m sorry.

Skip to 0 minutes and 39 seconds Hundreds of desperate migrants have forced their way through police lines in a holding camp close to the border. The situation is growing uglier by the hour. The migrants… [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Why– why did we have to meet here? Why couldn’t we talk in the room? Too many ears are listening. How do I get out of here? Do you have money? I do not have time for this. That’s all I got. You could sell that. No way. My father gave it to me. Fine. You keep the watch. You’ll probably make more money selling yourself. You have two days, two days. And you find a way to pay me. Do you understand? Do you understand?

Skip to 1 minute and 31 seconds I have to leave. There’s no way to get to Europe like this. But I’ve heard there is another way through Africa. I know it sounds crazy, but I think this is the only way. I’m sorry.

Watch Aden's Journey: Episode Three

Last week we saw how Aden relied on smugglers to get him across borders and the terrible experience he had when caught by a border guard. We have also seen how Aden is recording his journey on his mobile phone, and how this allows him to stay in touch with his family. When we were developing this course, we spoke to young people who had been unaccompanied and separated children on the move. They told us how important their mobile phone was to them. It meant they could stay in touch with their family. It also helped them network with other children on the move, and learn from their experiences.

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