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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 seconds Hey. Hey. Stop. It’s okay. It’s safe. You’re safe. It’s okay. It’s safe.

Skip to 0 minutes and 36 seconds Be careful. Okay? It’s very hot. Don’t worry. You’ll be safe here.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 seconds Hello? Yes.

Skip to 0 minutes and 52 seconds He must be a minor. He’s a little shaken. Okay.

Skip to 1 minute and 9 seconds And you travelled all by yourself? Your parents, where are they? Why are they not with you? They only had enough money for me. I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t worry. I’m not going to take the phone away from you. Is it how you stay in touch with them? Oh, it’s a lovely family.

Skip to 1 minute and 30 seconds They must miss you. Yeah. I really miss them too. You know, I can find somewhere you can stay. Please not a transit centre. Don’t be scared. It’s a small group home. You’ll be fine. You will be with other children of your age. So you can play with them. You can make friends. Is that okay? I will ask you some questions, so I can assess your case properly. Okay?

Skip to 1 minute and 56 seconds This is where I live now. These are all my friends. Guys, want to say hello to my family? Hello. In this house, we all eat together. We’re like one big family. And we eat well. You okay? You sure? Yeah? Do you miss home? Sure you do. I could get you a laptop. And then, you can talk to your parents sometimes. Would that be nice? Yeah. Thank you. Do you need anything else? No. You sure? Yeah. Thank you. Oh, Aden, lookay at you. We missed you so much. Have you lost weight? Yeah. My clothes still fit though. Stand up. Let me see you.

Skip to 2 minutes and 44 seconds Yes, maybe. Is it safe to come home yet? No. No. Your cousin in the UK is waiting for you. You must go to him. But it’s safe here. I go to school. You think it is safe now. But that can change. Arrangements have been made. You will be safer with him. We love you so much. We know you’ll make us proud.

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Last week we saw how Aden took a different route and is now trying to reach North Africa so he can cross to Europe.

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