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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds The automated system has a number of subsystems that support different functions within the business through automation. Not only does the system allow host staff to record customer orders and then automatically inform various areas of the business of the order, it can also act as a Point Of Sale system, a POS. This is used when the customer pays their bill. The system is supported by a single, integrated database that not only collects the actual customer order but also collects supporting details. These can include the date and time of day the order was taken, host details of who took the order, the length of time the order took to record, any side orders, upsold items, and drinks ordered.

Skip to 0 minutes and 51 seconds The collection of this data allows Pic Nic Pak to automate many of the front of house processes. The data collected creates a very rich record of the transactions, as well as a source of business intelligence that can be analysed to help with menu planning, allocation of staff, ordering stock, and planning for future events or expansion. This process, referred to as Informate, allows for forward planning to be done through the sales analysis subsystem that uses the integrated database to generate standard reports on a regular basis as well as ad hoc reports that the owner can design himself.

Skip to 1 minute and 30 seconds Sales reports are all important in this business, and the system can generate reports on a daily basis based on products sold within different groups or sales per member of staff. Other subsystems allow table reservations to be made. There is also a function that allows staff to sign in and out, so that hours worked can be recorded, and this feeds into a payroll system.

The IT portfolio and Pic Nic Pak cafe

The real value of business analytics is how they can enhance business performance.

The animation of the Pic Nic Pak cafe highlights the way that business automation brings a range of different potential returns. This illustrates the importance of developing a balanced IT Portfolio.

As we learnt in the last step, considering the spread of investments across transactional, informational, strategic and infrastructural areas of the business will produce a balanced portfolio.

Your task

As the owner of Pic Nic Pak, consider and then discuss between yourselves how the IT solution may enhance the returns you are getting on your IT investment.

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