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Illustrates the elements of a data mindset: Start small, process first, Customer centric, Company-wide mission, Authentic and sustainable growth, Learn from experience and Ethical.
Components of a data driven mindset

Creating a data mindset

Developing a data mindset is about raising awareness of how you can use data and why you should be using it.

For many businesses, data can lie dormant and not be used. This misses an opportunity to improve your business and keep ahead of the competition. Once you understand what data you have, you can begin to build answers to some of the questions in your business. However, be patient and do not expect results instantly. Take on one data project at a time, and test and trial in small quantities to reap the highest returns.

Data can help you spend less time guessing and more time forecasting, dealing with challenges or identifying opportunities to remain competitive. It can also be useful to promote and deliver what you do and to communicate your impact, for example when looking for investment or instigating collaboration with stakeholders.

How do you think a data-driven mindset could benefit you and your business? Would anything need to change? Discuss your position with others through the comments section of this step.

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Understanding Data in the Tourism Industry

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