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What do you want from your data?

Now that we’ve had a look at some data analysis tools that are out there for you to use, take a moment to sketch out the ones that you think would be suitable for your business to use. Keep your main objectives in mind when you do so.

Think about your business and what you want data to do for you. Reflect back on your previous mapping, revisit your notes from the Week 1 activity ‘start thinking about your data’ and the Week 2 step ‘problem solving with data’. Consider what sources of data you already use and the value you derive from these tools - where are the gaps between what you have and where you want to be? What could be the solution to these gaps?

Begin scoping the operational side to your data strategy. The how in your strategy - sourcing and analysing data to provide the insights you need for your business to grow. The pdf How to improve your data usage suggests a way of mapping your data. This is intended to provide inspiration rather than be a rigid template, so feel free to experiment with how you record your ideas.

If you are willing to share your analysis, post an image of your mapping or a short post on the collaborative Padlet board.

Need help using Padlet? See this Guide on how to post to padlet

Alternatively, post some ideas to the comments section.

If you don’t know where to start, check the Professional help - signposting and benchmarking pdf handout.

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