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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds Planning is really important here, making sure that you can overcome all of the barriers that potentially may cause an issue in your project. So first of all, thinking about the technical issues something as simple as poor WiFi could really get in the way of your project, but then thinking about how you’re going to manage other aspects such as the technology and the administration behind your technology. In an ideal world, obviously every child would have individual access to a device at home and at school. In reality, we know the practicalities of this don’t always make this feasible so we need to think about the context of the school and of the pupils. Is there affordability of those devices?

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 seconds If you do have people bringing their own devices into school, how do you manage those and what’s the infrastructure behind that? It’s really important to actually consider what type of device will meet your school development plan and teaching and learning needs. Will that be a tablet? Will that be a computer? What form and what resources will you actually need and be able to use best to make a difference.

Our learning so far

So far this week, we’ve explored the technical and security implications of any new education technologies strategy or initiative. Katy Chedzey summarises our learning so and looks ahead as what’s still to come this week.

  • Engage in careful planing to overcome any potential barriers to your strategy being successful
  • Consider technical issues such as poor WiFi as well as new administration requirements
  • Context is key when making decisions about what devices are appropriate
  • Ensure that device choice aligns with wider school development plan and goals

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