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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds When implementing any new initiative, it’s really important that leaders consider the impact it will have on teacher workload. Technology can really make a difference in saving time for teachers and improving their workload by being able to manage resources, edit resources, share resources and work on a mass scale with their pupils. Really importantly as a leader, you’ve now got the opportunity to join a network and benefit from the expertise of others within that network, sharing good practice but also practical resources, tools such as policies, procedures and so on. You can also use each other as a soundboard so you’ve got the potential to share ideas, help come up with solutions and overcome issues.

Our learning so far

Katy Chedzey summarises our learning so and looks ahead as what’s still to come this week.

  • Consider impact on workload, especially to harness the benefits of technology for resource sharing, editing, collaborating, data management and marking
  • Connect with one another now to overcome challenges, share resources and source solutions.

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