University of Reading Tutor-Marked Assessment (TMA)

Congratulations on reaching the end Week 5! We hope you have enjoyed the course and you feel better prepared to research, plan and write an academic essay.

Now that you have read about, reflected on and discussed our example essay with other learners, you may like to consider completing the final course in our program ‘Writing in English for University Study’.

This course consists of a set of revision Steps, followed by a Tutor-Marked Assessment (TMA) with the University of Reading, for which a fee is payable. To complete this assessment, you will be invited to submit an essay of 500 - 600 words on the topic of water privatisation. Your essay will be marked by a tutor from the University of Reading’s International Study and Language Institute, who will give you personal feedback to help you further develop your academic English writing skills.

You will be asked to submit an essay on the topic of water privatisation. We therefore recommend that you first complete An Intermediate Guide to Writing in English for University Study, as this will help you to prepare for writing on this specific topic.

Update: the assessment course is now open. We have extended the deadline for the submission of your assignment until 10 December 2017 at 23:59 (UTC) so there is still time to complete your essay and receive feedback from the University of Reading. You can find out more here.

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