The team

In this course you’ll hear from a range of experts from the University of Reading, the University of Hohenheim, Koppert Biological Systems and John Deere.

Your Educators

Meet the Educators involved with writing the course:

Dr Simona Grasso

Dr Dimitrios Paraforos

Dr Dimitrios Argyropoulos

Daphne Hoogeveen

Dr Thomas Engel

Your experts

As well as meeting the Educators, you’ll also get the chance to meet several experts from the University of Reading who will be sharing their expertise throughout the course. You can find out more about these contributors in this PDF.

Your Mentors

In this course you will be joined by course Mentors, who’ll be on hand to help support the discussions found at the end of most Steps:

Rafael Eduardo Pompa

Evangelos Kodosakis

You may like to follow their activity in the course; to do this you just need to view their profile and click the ‘Follow’ button. You will recognise them by ‘Mentor’ appearing next to their name in the comments and discussion areas. By following a profile, any comments made will appear in your activity feed, which you can filter by selecting ‘Following’.

Please note, the team will do their best to answer as many questions as they can but they will not be able to respond to them all.


Now you’ve met the team and know what to expect from the course, we’d really like to meet you.

You will explore the concept of ‘sustainability’ throughout the course, but from what you understand now, how important is sustainability in your food buying decisions? What are you hoping to gain from the course?

Post your comments below. You can filter comments to see those that are ‘Most liked’ and find your own by selecting ‘My comments’.

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