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Das Alphabet

Being able to spell out words and names is a vital skill for communicating effectively on the phone.

Here is a list of German letters. The way they have been written out here is intended to help you with their pronunciation, but you may prefer to make your own notes. Copying what you hear is the easiest way to learn the alphabet. First listen and repeat. Then spell your own name.

Hören Sie und sprechen Sie nach.

Ah Beh Ceh Deh Eh eF Geh Hah Ih Jot Kah eL eM eN Oh Peh Quh eR eS Teh Uh Vau Weh iX Ypsilon Zet
ä (a Umlaut) ö (o Umlaut) ü (u Umlaut)
ß (Eszett)
großes A kleines a

If you want to ask how to spell something, you say: ‘Wie schreibt man das?‘ – ‘How do you spell (literally “write”) that?’

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