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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds So hello again. It’s the end of the first week. And it’s been great, seeing you all posting your comments and engaging with each other. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning from your discussions, so keep them coming. We started week 1 by looking at the very heart of health systems, our people. And we learned that the health workforce is a diverse group of skilled professionals. They are not just nurses and doctors but a range of other allied health workers, all critical to the provision of services. Because health is such a high-stakes industry, our workers must be capable and very skilled professionals.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 seconds Across the world, there’s a shortage of health workers and, because we are dealing with real people, there are ethical issues and considerations to be made when recruiting to the health workforce. In the second half of week 1, we looked at the concept of clinical leaders or clinicians as managers and the conflicts and tensions between the two roles. We’re now delighted to present week 2 and look forward to continuing the learning journey with you.

Week 1 wrap up

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the course so far and you’re looking forward to the second week. In this short video Sheree does a quick round up of the main points of the week.

Out of all the things you’ve learned this week, please share with us what has interested you the most.

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