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Our three students: Raphael (l) Andrew (m)  and Ruyi (r)
Our three students: Raphael (l) Andrew (m) and Ruyi (r)


In this course, three of our students will share their experiences with you. A short introduction seems to be in order. From left to right:

Raphaël was born and raised in Groningen, finished his Bachelor in Social Work and is now busy with his Master’s in Sociology. He likes to study at the Faculty Library with his fellow students where the stay from 9.00 to 16.00, and while studying he listens to instrumental music so he can focus better. Besides studying he likes to hang out with friends or go boxing for sports.

Andrew was born in Australia, is now living in Groningen where he studies International Law. After finishing two Bachelors, it’s his third time back at the university. He tries to treat his study as a nine to five job, which means eight hours of work, so that he has eight hours to do what he likes to do, like seeing as many bands as possible.

Ruyi was born in China, is now living in the Netherlands were she first finished her Bachelor Logistics and now studies Supply Chain Management. Prefers to start later in the morning and really likes to study at night because she’s more effective then. Ruyi loves to cook, and she recently started to learn to play the Ukelele.

Now it is over to you. Please use the comment section below to introduce yourself and explain why you are following this course and what you hope to learn.

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