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Skip to 0 minutes and 10 seconds I prefer to make my summaries on paper. And while making summaries, I write a lot, because it helps me memorise. After finishing the summaries, I go through them again a week before the exam. No. I didn’t used to summarise things. But I’ve learned over time that I actually have to write a summary so that I can remember things. So before I sit down to start summarising whether it’s the lecture or the reading that I’ve been doing, I read back through the previous week summaries.

Skip to 0 minutes and 41 seconds And what this is doing for me is it’s just giving me repetition, and it makes it much easier when I get to the revision weeks because all of this has already been drilled in over the previous weeks. I do make summaries. And when I make a summary, I write it on a piece of paper. The first one is usually way too long, because I think it’s difficult for me to find the important things in the text. So after the first one, I make a second one, which is usually a lot shorter. So I definitely see I can focus on the more important things in the text.

Skip to 1 minute and 13 seconds Over the years, I’ve noticed the more I’ve summarised things, the better I’ve got at it. When I look back at some of my first notes for it, I included stuff that I didn’t need in it, or I used other people’s words. Now when I’m summarising, whether it’s my lecture notes, or whether it’s a case, or whether it’s the reading that we’d been asked to do, I know I’ve got to explain the process in my own words so that I understand it afterwards. And that’s just gotten better over time.

Do you make summaries?

In step 2 of the Three-step model you will learn to how to study in an active way, resulting in a useful summary. In this video Andrew, Ruyi and Raphael explain their experiences with making summaries.

Are you used to making summaries? If so, what is your method? Please share with other learners.

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