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Skip to 0 minutes and 28 seconds When I’m stressed, I have difficulty sleeping. I’ve put my head on the pillow. I’m trying to go to sleep, and I’m thinking about what needs to happen tomorrow, have I done this, this assignment’s coming up, I’ve got this exam coming, and I can’t sleep. I’m just tossing and turning. I become quiet when I’m stressing out, and I tend to keep away from people. When I get stressed, it’s usually because of a difficult course, like statistics. So when I get stressed, I sleep very badly, and I’m tired the next day. And another thing is also, I tend to ask a lot of questions to my classmates. So I keep bothering them with the questions about the difficult course.

Skip to 1 minute and 16 seconds When I’m stressed, I go for a walk. It helps organise my thoughts again, and it clears my head. When I feel stressed, I start with small detailed planning. So it makes me feel that I’m actually doing something. I’m progressing even if I’m still stressed. What helps me to relieve my stress is to study with my classmates. And that way, when I don’t understand something, they can explain it to me, and that makes me feel secure about the things that I have to learn, which also helps me to sleep better.

Students about dealing with stress

Andrew, Ruyi and Raphaël share their experiences about stress, and explain how they deal with it.

Please reflect and share:

  • How do you recognise stress?

  • What is the very first sign that your stress levels are rising?

  • And how do you notice when your stress levels have gone down again?

  • What in your studies causes you the most stress, and do you have any idea what you can do about it?

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