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Different perspectives of change

How individuals perceive the impact of change depends on their own personal view of it, from their own perspective – their ‘hilltop’. Leaders and managers will be looking at the change from their own personal hilltops in the organisation, and what they see below may be different from what members of their staff may see who are elsewhere in the organisation – on their hilltops – and looking down, and their views may differ from person to person.

Two hilltops with two people on each one

To appreciate how people view the change, leaders and managers need to move from their hilltops across to the hilltops that their employees are standing on.

Now read the ‘Cosmetics Company’ case - available as a download below.

Who do you think are the main stakeholders, or people with an interest in what the organisation does?

Can you describe what their ‘hilltops’ might look like?

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