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This content is taken from the Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona's online course, Introduction to Catalan Sign Language: Speaking with Your Hands and Hearing with Your Eyes. Join the course to learn more.

Skip to 0 minutes and 18 seconds Hello! Ready to start your course? I’m Josep Quer, lead educator of this course. I’m an ICREA research professor at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and I’ve been doing linguistic research on sign languages for around 15 years. I welcome you all to the the course

Skip to 0 minutes and 34 seconds Introduction to Catalan Sign Language: Speaking with Your Hands and Hearing with Your Eyes that will take place during the coming six weeks. The members of the team that have prepared this course have been working together for quite some time at Pompeu Fabra University. Our group includes Deaf and hearing researchers, teachers of Catalan sign language and MA and PhD students. You’ll be seeing us in videos, in the discussions and the steps of the course, and we will be following you in the spaces for participation. You will be able to identify us

Skip to 1 minute and 3 seconds by the color of our photos: with light blue background, which is the international color of the deaf community. You’ll learn LSC, which is the sign language of the Deaf and Deafblind people in Catalonia. If you live in Catalonia, when you finish the course you will have acquired basic skills to communicate with deaf and hearing in Catalan Sign Language. If you live outside Catalonia, surely there is a deaf community near you. In this course you will learn strategies that you can put to work in order to communicate with your community, since you will have acquired basic knowledge about the structure of sign languages and the characteristics of signing Deaf communities.

Skip to 1 minute and 39 seconds We are very pleased to see you and hope you’ll enjoy this course, which is unique in our environment.

Skip to 1 minute and 45 seconds We know that the motivations to follow this course are very diverse: There are Deaf people from different parts of the world, linguists working on other sign languages, people who work with autistic children, codas, people who have curiosity and interest to learn a sign language, etc. It will be great to have this platform to interact and share knowledge with you. In the next step you have a space to share your motivations for signing up for this course. Tell us about them! And enjoy!

Meet the team

In this video, Josep Quer, the lead educator of this course, welcomes you in English. Next to him, you can see Delfina, one of the educators, welcoming you in Catalan Sign Language (LSC). As you will notice, Delfina’s presentation is longer due to the longer vocabulary paraphrases that sign languages may have. The content is the same, although the languages are expressed differently. We hope that you enjoy watching our message simultaneously in these two languages!

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Introduction to Catalan Sign Language: Speaking with Your Hands and Hearing with Your Eyes

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