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Skip to 0 minutes and 18 seconds Jordi is asleep in bed. Suddenly the alarm goes off, vibrating or lighting up, and Jordi wakes up and gets out of bed. He opens the shower door, gets in the shower and has a good shower.

Skip to 0 minutes and 47 seconds Jordi brushes his teeth while he checks how he looks in the mirror. and finishes by splashing water on his face. He puts on a shirt, does up the buttons and puts on his tie. For breakfast he has a coffee with milk, dipping a pastry in the coffee. He grabs his motorbike helmet and leaves the house. He gets on his motorbike and drives to work. Waiting for him at work is a mountain of paper to work through and he bravely sits at his computer to start working. Later, he goes for lunch with a colleague. Jordi, who is hearing, sits opposite his colleague, who is a deaf woman. Both communicate through sign. After, he goes back to work again.

Skip to 2 minutes and 11 seconds As he works, the mountain of paper gets smaller and smaller until it is finished. Once his working day is over, Jordi gets on his moped and heads for home. He goes to the supermarket to do the shopping with a trolley, where he puts all the products. Afterwards he meets up with friends for a few beers and to chat. At dinnertime he smokes a cigarette and drinks a bowl of milk, which helps him to relax. He then gets into bed, as he is very tired, and goes to sleep.

Daily activities

In this video, Santi describes the actions that Jordi takes in a typical day. Follow the illustrations in the animation to see what these actions are.

Try making the signs yourself. You will need to remember them for the next step!

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