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Meet the mentors, Sherelle and Jen

The course features mentoring by Sherelle Connaughton and Jen Opie. They’ll support you as you make your way through the course, facilitating discussions and providing additional information to help make your learning experience the best it can be.

It’s worth noting that Sherelle and Jen will focus their mentoring efforts in the current week of the course and not previous weeks.

  • Week 1: Monday June 15 to Sunday June 21
  • Week 2: Monday June 22 to Sunday June 28
  • Week 3: Monday June 29 to Sunday July 5
  • Week 4: Monday July 6 to Sunday July 12

You’re welcome to keep the conversation going outside those dates, but please note that Sherelle and Jen will not be able to monitor or provide guidance in the comments or discussions.

We strongly recommend following Sherelle and Jen to make sure you’re aware of the comments they’ll make throughout the course.

You can follow them by selecting the links to their FutureLearn profile page and then selecting ‘Follow’. That way, you’ll easily be able to see comments they make, using the ‘Following’ filter.

Sherelle Connaughton

Sherelle has worked in varied health and education settings for over 25 years, having trained in the fields of psychology, research and music therapy. Since completing a PhD and Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2007, her focus has been on health enhancement, particularly mindfulness and stress management, for students and staff at Monash University. More recently, Sherelle has expanded her research work at Monash and is currently supervising four individual psychology projects that explore how learning mindfulness online may impact on stress, wellbeing, awareness and work engagement.

Sherelle has mentored every run of Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance since it was first offered on FutureLearn in 2015 and she also helps facilitate the follow up course Maintaining a Mindful Life. Sherelle is grateful for the many positive effects she has experienced from her own mindfulness practice and is delighted to help others explore what mindfulness means to them.

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Jen Opie

Jen has worked in adult education for 16 years and is delighted to be working on Monash University’s online mindfulness courses. She is a provisionally registered psychologist and certified yoga instructor, using mindfulness principles and techniques in her practice.

After participating in a mindfulness meditation course facilitated by her local GP, Dr Richard Yin, in Western Australia, Jen moved to Melbourne where she pursued further mindfulness training as a student at Monash University. In 2013 she evaluated Monash University’s mindfulness-based Health Enhancement Program for medical students, examining its effects on mental health and study engagement. After conducting this research and personally experiencing the benefits of a regular practice, Jen began tutoring medical and pharmacy students in Monash University’s core curriculum mindfulness programs, and further incorporated mindfulness techniques into her yoga and ESL teaching.

Jen has mentored on both Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance courses and Maintaining a Mindful Life since the initial course was first offered on FutureLearn in 2015. She finds it immensely rewarding to support people’s growth and learning as they benefit from practising mindfulness, is continually impressed by the support learners offer one another on the FutureLearn platform, and is honoured to be a part of such an experienced and dedicated team at Monash University.

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Please note, Sherelle and Jen will be predominantly focused on discussions for the current week of the course, rather than the whole course at any one time. So please try to keep your comments in the active week if you’re hoping to engage with them.

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