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There are not enough nurses in the world to meet the ever-growing need. Demand for nursing care is rising, while large numbers of nurses are leaving the profession and too few are joining.

Defining cause/effect

During this course we will be exploring five key issues in nursing and you will be required to challenge yourself to consider how these issues interlink: could some issues be described as the ‘cause’ or are they in fact the ‘effect’ of another issue?

Writing a cause/effect paragraph

At the end of this course you will be asked to write a short cause/effect paragraph which will give you the opportunity to join the dots and bring together the issues we have explored.

A cause/effect paragraph discusses a single cause and the effect/effects that relate to it.

Example of a cause/effect paragraph

The benefits of the Green Revolution were delivered by bio-mechanical innovations. These methods, including hybrid seed selection and the use of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, increased yield and decreased the timescale of large scale agriculture which in turn increased food security for a growing population and income for farmers. Yet, the reliance on specialised seeds and chemicals increased the costs for farmers and damaged local ecosystems.

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