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Employer in front of calendar of tasks for their personal assistant

What your quiz score says about you - Employers

Based on the previous exercise here is what the scores say about you.

Mostly 1s: Standards are important to you. You want to ensure that things are done the way you like them. The social side of PA is less important than getting the tasks done right.

Concluding thoughts: don’t forget the balance between your need to be in charge, and the PA experience of being micromanaged!

Mostly 2s: You are fairly relaxed about your life. But you don’t want standards slipping too far. You do not have a particular way about how things should be done. Concluding thought: Because both the social side and the task side is important to you, it’s even more important to be aware of keeping both aspects in balance.

Mostly 3s: You are easy going. As long as tasks are done, you are happy for the PA to do it their way. Hanging out is just as important as getting jobs done.

Concluding thought: A PA is a companion as well as a worker to you. But don’t let it get too relaxed, or you might end up getting frustrated about tasks not being carried out properly. PAs often appreciate guidance and clarity as to what they are expected to do!

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The Role of Personal Assistants in Disability Support

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