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Skip to 0 minutes and 0 seconds Social media create a ladder of success for analysts and businesses alike. The more they mine it, the more they learn, and the more refined questions they can ask. However, social media data needs to be carefully sieved and interpreted. Data needs to be cleaned, some would even say scrubbed. Data needs to be checked for representativity. Finally, social media analysis requires continuous and diligent attention to detail. Being a social media analyst is very rewarding yet, it requires a focused and systematic approach. This is what we will help you learn.

Wrapping up Week 2

We’ve seen in Week 1 that social media is a powerful data resource, but to make the most of it, you need the right tools. This week we continued the discussion, and you’ve learned that the science of social media analytics requires a systematic and focused approach to work effectively.

In Week 2, we also covered how to design research plans for social media projects and develop the right goals, as well as discovered some of the tools available in the social media toolkit.

Congratulations on completing Week 2.

  • You did it! How will you apply what you’ve learned this week into your business or personal social media analytics to produce the desired results?

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