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Seema: minimising weight gain

Seema has a review with her doctor after being on insulin for a few weeks as she is concerned about her weight …

Seema has review with doctor after being on insulin for a few weeks as concerned about weight. The caption reads "Seema has now been using insulin for several weeks to control her type 2 diabetes. She had a review with her doctor and was concerned that she has been gaining weight." Seems is pictured on the right saying "The Doctor told me that in addition to causing glucose uptake into the body to provide energy, insulin also encourages fat storage!".

Seema talking to her doctor. She is saying "The doctor suggested I follow a healthy diet and be mindful of my portion size. This would help to keep a stable weight reducing my calorific consumption. He also said that by increasing my physical activity it would help me burn off lots of calories and help me lose weight. But like a lot of people my age, I do love a bit of chocolate and I don't like to exercise apart from doing a bit of light gardening every so often."

Whilst it can be easier for health care professionals to give generic advice such as ‘eat healthily’ or ‘do more exercise’, a tailored approach is more likely to be successful in helping the individual to look at factors in their own life that are more relevant to act on.

Could you think of any specific advice on diet or exercise that you could offer someone with type 2 diabetes? Maybe this is from your own experience of living with diabetes or working with those who have diabetes.

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