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Five people who give each other the box

Who could you talk to?

Support from others is very important for increasing your resilience. Therefore, it is important that you create and maintain good relationships with family members, people of your own age and other people that are important to you and who you share a good bond with. These are the same people that may help you when you need support.

Some young people have more supportive people around them than other, but everyone should be able to go to someone.

Here you see a list of possible options for support. Can you think of people that could be there for you?

  • Parents
  • Brother or sister
  • Uncle or aunt
  • Grandmother or grandfather
  • Teacher at school
  • Trainer or coach at sports club
  • Neighbour
  • An (online) friend
  • Councillor at school
  • General Practitioner
  • Helpline staff - UK: 0800 1111

Or for international helplines check out this website:

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Young People and Their Mental Health

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