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Business Case Study: A Digital Platform to Fight Food Waste

**Too Good To Go** is a social impact company with a main focus to fight and reduce food waste. Their mission is to inspire and empower everyone to
Too Good To Go is a social impact company. And what that means is that we are doing good when we do our business. Our vision is that we dream of a planet with no food waste. To do that we need to both inspire people, and make them aware of the issue. But we also need to empower them by giving them the tools to do something about it. One of the tools, and maybe the tool we’re most known for now, is our app which works as a marketplace for surplus food. That’s what we think of as our direct impact on the issue of food waste.
So when we look at the consumer side, our consumers get to feel like they actually do something good. They feel part of the movement. They get a good deal, and they’re having some fun along the way. That’s a pretty good value proposition. And that’s important. And then on the partner side with the stores, these stores get to save the food which for them is an important aspect of their CSR. And then, of course, there’s the financial aspect. So they suddenly make money on the food they would otherwise throw away. Then we have a lot of indirect initiatives that are really designed mainly towards creating awareness around the issue.
So this could be things like improving the date labelling on food products to make sure we don’t throw away food that’s still perfectly fine. It could be things like offering free educational material to kids in the lower grades to teach them the respect for food early on. Too Good To Go is now what many people would call a circular economy business. And I think all these circular economy models, they try to make us look differently at the resources we have and respect the resources more. And that we definitely buy into. It’s a huge task and it’s a long value chain. And it requires us to really engage across that value chain all the different stakeholders.
From the industrials and the producers, to the wholesalers, to the retailers, to the consumers. But also the politicians and the authorities because a lot of these things around changing the food system really have to start politically. We’re wasting 1.3 billion tonnes of food every year. Of course, not all of that food is in the retail part of the chain, that’s maybe around 10%. But even that is a lot of food. We’re doing tests now with industrials, for example. So manufacturers of food where people go and pick up straight from the factory. So when we start including that part of the value chain there’s maybe three times more supply than what we have in our current business model.
So we are very ambitious about where we want to go and what we want to achieve. And our ambition really is to be the global leader in the fight against food waste. And I think what our users really love, and what they tell us that they love, is the fact that they feel like they’re doing something good. It’s just, it feels different to save a meal on Too Good To Go versus ordering a pizza on a normal food app. It’s just a different thing, and you can feel that. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]
Too Good To Go is a social impact company with a main focus to fight and reduce food waste. Their mission is to inspire and empower everyone to take action to reduce food waste, and strive for a planet with no food waste.

Too Good To Go believes that only when societies come together to turn these words into actions, is when we’ll be able to fight food waste and create a position change in society.

In their journey to achieve a global community, Too Good To Go developed an app, through which individual users connect with unsold food from a variety of shops and restaurants all over the world.

In this step, we are joined by Too Good To Go’s CEO, Mette Likke who discusses some of their organizational processes and value creation initiatives.

What did you already know about Too Good To Go, and what is something new you learned?

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Circular Business Models for Sustainable Urban Food Systems

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