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A technology solution for Pic Nic Pak

Pic Nic Pak has made an investment in technology and implemented an automated system.
Pic Nic Pak has invested in a wireless mobile system to replace their previous paper-based process of taking orders from customers. The new system enables Pic Nic Pak waiters to automatically send orders directly from the table to the kitchen, drinks bar, or the pizzeria. The system comprises eight wireless handheld devices for order taking, a wireless base station or router, a central point of sales terminal– POS– with an attached mini printer, and additional monitors in kitchen, bar, and pizzeria. The software on the handheld device has a simple menu driven user interface, which guides the waiter through the order-taking process. The software also prompts the waiter to recommend specials, side dishes, and additional toppings for pizzas– an upsell.
Once completed, the order is verified with the customers, then transmitted wirelessly to the POS terminal at reception, which in turn relays instructions to the monitors in the relevant preparation areas. Once the food and drinks have been prepared, servers known as runners, deliver ordered items to customers. Preparation staff now tick items off their list via the monitors in their areas. The final bill is constantly maintained at the POS terminal. Once customers have finished their dining experience the bill is printed out on the POS terminal printer.

Technology can automate manual processes. But this is only the beginning of how it adds business value.

In a previous step, we introduced Pic Nic Pak a family-owned cafe, which is looking to gain a competitive advantage over other restaurants in its local area.

Its existing order payment process is complex and involves adding together all of a customer’s orders from each preparation area (the kitchen, drinks bar, or the pizza area).

The business has decided to update this system and have implemented an automated system. This new system allows wait staff to record customer orders using a hand-held device that automatically communicates with the kitchen, drinks bar or the pizza area within the restaurant.

Your task

Imagine you are the owner of Pic Nic Pak. Discuss the type of value this form of automation could bring to the business.

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