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Beyond Pic Nic Pak

Is Pic Nic Pak any different from other businesses on the high street?
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Is Pic Nic Pak any different from other businesses on the high street?

Let us explore some of the changes and benefits at Pic Nic Pak and generalise them into a broader business context:


Pic Nic Pak Benefits   Benefits for any business  
Handheld order-taking devices suggest up-selling opportunities      Increased up-selling and bundling of products to customers     
No hand written, scribbled orders       Prevent errors in transactions      
No running paper between restaurant floor and kitchen     Eliminate inefficient paper-based process    
Waiters do not have to remember to make recommendations to customers    Ease of employee training      
Reduce the number of waiters required    Reduce frontline workforce and cost savings      
Prompt order taking and attending to customers    Better customer service      


Pic Nic Pak Benefits   Benefits for any business  
Analysing order details helps determine emerging food trends and helps with designing the menu     Product innovation      
Analysing transactional information to predict busy times and manage staffing/roster accordingly       Efficient staffing and scheduling      
Analysing order information to help predict required inventory levels and avoid wastage     Predictive inventory control     
Analysing sales by waiters leads to identification of best frontline staff working at the restaurant.    Employee performance monitoring      

The Pic Nik Pak cafe had a kitchen, a bar and a seating area as distinct functional subsections. With a larger business with multiple departments and complex business processes the benefits of automate and informate will multiply.

Your task

Based on the process of automate and informate outlined above, pick a different kind of business such as a retail shop, travel agency, etc and think about the benefits of automating and informating would bring to that business. Share your comments with your peers.

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