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CIOB construction ethics & compliance

Watch video introduction [CIOB]( Construction Ethics & Compliance Course. Legal, compliance & behavioural challenges.
OK so welcome everybody to week one of the course. My name’s Maria Coulter and I’m going to be the course leader for the course over the next five weeks. I just wanted to give you a bit of background about myself first of all. I’m a chartered quantity surveyor project manager and risk manager and I worked in the industry for over 20 years before transferring over to the training and development side of things so I do know and understand the challenges that you face on a day to day basis in the industry. So what about ethics? So ethics and being ethical are something that’s talked about universally but what does it mean and why does it actually matter?
So over the next five weeks we’re going to be breaking this down so that you understand what it is to be ethical in our industry and it isn’t just about being legal and the following of codes and procedures that we have to adhere to but it’s also about our everyday behaviour and that’s something really important that we want to get across. So as I said I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and I’ve experienced unethical behaviour but I didn’t actually realise that it was unethical at the time. which is part of the challenge that we have.
So in this course we’re going to be starting with understanding ourselves, first of all and what drives our behaviour and that includes our values. We’ll also be having to look at what we need to do from a legal perspective and the codes and procedures that we have to follow as professions in the industry as well. We’re going to have case studies and we’re going to have good examples but there will also be bad examples and there will be ethical dilemmas for you to work through as well. I think it’s important to remember that it’s not just black and white ethics is very much shades of gray as well.
This course really matters to me because it goes deeper than just the basic principles of ethics. It looks at the importance of understanding ourselves first and what drives our behaviour so I’m really excited to be the course leader and I’ll look forward to interacting with you over the next five weeks. We’ve got some really good people involved in the course and we’ve got some some great interviews coming up as well.

Welcome from all of the team at CIOB Academy

I am Maria Coulter, a Coach and Trainer in the Construction Industry and Course Leader for Construction Ethics and Compliance by CIOB Academy. It’s wonderful to see so many participants on the course from around the world. If you’re on twitter you can follow the CIOB Academy @CIOBAcademy and join in the twitter discussion using #FLConstructionEthics.

Over the next five weeks we’ll be breaking down the subject of ethics, beginning with your own views and experiences, and getting to know your personal values and how they drive behaviour.

I’m excited as the course leader to meet you all and to be able to share the topic and forthcoming discussions with you. Go to my profile now and hit the follow button. That way you’ll be able to see my responses and comments during the course.

There are some fantastic contributors, some of whom who you’ll meet during the course. You can follow them by clicking their names below and hitting the follow button, as they will be commenting on the discussion boards in some of the weeks:
  1. Jay Blithe, Community Development Leader at the Barrett Values Centre, on what values are and how to identify your own personal values.

  2. Andrew Leigh, Author of the book Ethical Leadership, on overcoming blocks and obstacles to behaving in-line with your own personal ethics.

  3. James Pellatt, Head of Projects for Great Portland Estates, on what behaviours Clients need to see from their consultants, contractors and supply chain.

  4. Sonia Ghandi, Responsible Solutions Ltd, on a number of ethical case study examples.

You’ll discover the difference between being legal, compliant, and ethical. Learn practical strategies for handling ethical dilemmas, putting them into practice and reflecting on your choices. Gain insight on the contents of ethical policies and procedures. There will be ‘good’ and ‘bad’ case studies showing positive and negative ethical behaviour in the construction industry. You will also discover how the industry’s boom and bust nature impacts on ethical behaviours and practices. Finally exploring what more could be done by individuals and organisations, and the behaviours you will stop, start and continue as a result of doing this course.

Comment in the discussion area if you have any questions about the course or this step.

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