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Wherever you go, the land is already there

Dawn Scott discusses Buddhist medidation practices in relation to the land and more general the environment.
There’s something about the elements practice and we don’t teach much of the elements practice in that first establishment of mindfulness. There are six practices in that first establishment and retreats. We normally focus on mindfulness of breathing the body and its various postures and the body and daily activities. You don’t really focus on anatomical parts because we don’t want to contemplate that the body is not inherently sexually attractive. But if we do take the body in its totality, you see body is not inherently sexually attractive. You don’t want to focus on the elemental nature because it you’re going to open us up to the not self experience. That can be very frightening for the ego.
And then who wants to do the charnel ground contemplations of the cemetery contemplations and contemplate the fact that yeah, we’re our time here is finite and we’re dying. We are moving towards our death.
That said there’s something so powerful about the elements practice
Connecting with your own body as a alive
Fluid changing process of the four great elements of earth. Water, fire and wind. And seeing that this body is sustained by Earth in the form of food, water, in the form of beverage water ball here. Fire in the form of a shelter and clothing, in the heat for heating systems and time wind element through oxygen path. That’s what sustains us. Like we are nature, we are part of nature and just like we’re not any different. So actually like practicing in nature, contemplating the elements
Can really like the sense of self can get really porous
And we can start to feel our connection with nature, our interconnection with each other and perhaps like
Start to have a care for our planet. Yeah.

Dawn Scott discusses Buddhist medidation practices in relation to the land and more general the environment.

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