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Value proposition canvas

In this video, Wiebke will introduce the value proposition canvas.
Hey, in this video, I will introduce the value proposition canvas to you. It’s a great tool to really understand your customer. You can design and visualize and test your products and services in a way that you really make sure that it is the things the customer really wants, because, of course, you don’t want to develop products and services that the customer don’t want to buy. And that will because that will make that your business will fail. The value proposition canvas has two sides. It has the customer profile and it has the value proposition or value map. And the thing you will start with is to identify the customer jobs that you want to get done.
And those jobs can, of course, be somehow functional, that you have a certain product that makes certain tasks for your customer. But they can also be somehow emotional or socially that you actually make people meet or you actually have things that make a great experience for your customers and you really need to map like those jobs. What is the customer getting out of your products or services? And after that you will look into the pains that the customer wants to get rid of by your product. This can, for example, be like installations or like difficult like booking sets or something like that.
So you really should think about all the things that can annoy the customer or can frustrate them and say, OK, but this was not really what I wanted. It was like not the experience I was looking for. And after that is, of course, also really important to focus on the gains. The things that the customer puts really high value on is really making them happy and really make them liking your product. And you can think of there’s a lot of this type of great things in on different online platforms nowadays. And you should really think of those things that would make the customer giving you five stars for your products.
What does the things that really make the difference and really make them happy. And after you have mapped out this, like, customer profile, you, of course, need to look on the other side and need to see what is actually the things you can offer and that you are doing and having inside your company. And then you would start with, like showing and visualize all the different products and services that you’re actually offering to your customers. And that should, of course, include everything. It should not just be the simple product, it should also include installation and it should include like guarantees or like different health functions that you have in your business.
And after that, you should map out all the different pain relievers you have in your company. And that really makes like a good life for your customers. Which different things do you have that really helps the customer? And that should, of course, be focused on the things like on the thinking inside your companies, because you, of course, often focus on different things that you think that is good for the customer. And you also should look into the gain creators. What are the things that you think that is really make a difference for the customers? What will they really have a high value on and really have a benefit?
And this, of course, also the things that you feel are unique with your company and that you really would like the customer to to buy and be interested in. And after having that site as well of your own business, you really need to make sure that there is a fit between those two sides of the value proposition canvas. And here you really need to, like, play with the different things that you have added to your boxes, because you, of course, need to make sure that the pain relievers you think you have inside the companies will address a certain pain of your customer. And the same thing with the gain creators and the gains that the customer is looking for.
And here you really have a chance to really make sure and highlight those things that you really want to focus on. What are the main gains for your customers? And of course, you should, inside the company, focus on those things and maybe also reduce the efforts on developing things that don’t create a gain for the customer or don’t release any pains for them. And this tool is really vital signs that if you use post, it’s something that you really can move them around and can remove some or add certain things to really make sure that you have a really good fit between the customer profile and your own value proposition.
But of course, in the end, it’s really important to not only look at the customer and your value proposition, but to look also on the whole business model and to implement this value proposition also into your whole business and your whole business model.

In this video, Wiebke explains the value proposition canvas. You can download your own value proposition canvas and start using it for your own company.

Value proposition canvas template as Powerpoint


How can the value proposition canvas be helpful for you? Give examples and put your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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