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Solution and Coping Strategies

These health crises, how can we solve them? Let’s go back to the life with three features that we have to carry out every day, including how, through the life with proper three features, we will be able to be healthier each year and live a long life and we will carry on another ten or twenty years beyond the average life cycle. Therefore, go back to what we just talked about the definition of health, it is to maintain the health in our body, mind, and wisdom so that we can have a better life quality in twilight years. So what strategies do we have to maintain one’s health?
Among the three features, the nutrient is the most important so we will focus on the nutrient. Now, I would like to share with you how to obtain a balance of your diet. A balanced diet is not relying on a specific recipe, but to understand the characteristics of different kinds of foods. There are different nutrient type. A balanced diet emphasizes we intake 6 groups of nutrients in a proper amount in order to meet the requirement of basic needs of our body. And try to choose a variety of foods. So, how do we achieve a balanced diet? In Taiwan, the National Ministry of Health and Welfare has set up a national dietary guideline This guideline includes 12 entries.
The first one is based on the intake amount of nutrient we need every day We obtain basic nutrient from six groups of food. The second entry, we have to control calorie intake to manage our body weight The guideline includes the amount of calorie intake in different age. We also must control calorie intake in balance to maintain our health. Other than the balance of diet, exercise is also important. The importance of a healthy diet and exercise in the parable is the pair wings of a bird. It is inseparable. The other thing is how much proper breastfeed mother can offer to babies since they were born. Breastfeed is recommended to satisfy the infant’s nutrient requirements.
Fifth, the guideline recommends you to choose whole-grain products as our main dish. Nutrient in whole-grain products is richer than white rice and white bread. In cooking, we always emphasize 3 less, less sodium, saturated fat, and sugar. All of these are telling us to try to maintain the eating habit of low oil, low salt, and low sugar. Avoid massive sugar consumption. Also, drink more water. Water is the best drinks. Especially in summer, water is extremely important no water, no life. we are not living for water but we can’t live without water. We can survive for a few weeks without foods but we will die off die hydration in few days This demonstrates the importance of water.
So, what kind of water should we drink? Of course clean water. However, mineral water that contains kalium, calcium, magnesium is also recommended for an additional supply for the nutrient requirement. So mineral waters is also a good choice. Also, among your food choice, vegetables are preferable than animal products Avoid canned foods Moreover, refrain from overeating to maintain health, avoiding food waste also. In addition, when you go grocery, choose the variety of seasonal local foods to keep a healthy diet. Finally, Taiwan government attaches great importance to the label of food from country of origin to product materials. With the proper label of the food, we will be able to trace the process of production and transportation procedure…etc.
For drinking, do not drink too much. These suggestions tell us how to keep a balanced diet in our daily life, and how to keep an eye on sanitation and food safety as well.

We have now gone through the three main crisis. So what are the solutions? Prof. Hsieh will give some recommendations on 3 features of health promotion method.

In Taiwan, the government promotes a national dietary guideline. Prof. Hsieh introduces the 12 entries from the guideline. It includes diet suggestions from 6 groups, BMI, weight control and etc. Does your country has a national dietary guideline? Is there any difference from what you heard from Prof. Hsieh?

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