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Mothers’ Concerns

Many mothers have concerned about whether breastfeeding themselves. These concerns include low milk supply. Mothers must build up their confidence and believe they will have sufficient milk supply. Many mothers are concerned that there might not be any milk in the beginning. Indeed, it requires some time for the colostrum to be secreted after giving a birth and even to have mature milk In general, mammals won’t prepare formula milk to feed their babies Human beings, as the intelligent part of the universe should be confident and believe there will be enough milk to feed babies. Next, I will explain the baby’s stomach. In fact, the infants do not need a lot of milk. It is about the same amount of the secretion of colostrum.
And from this image, we can see that the capacity of the newborn stomach is actually 20 mL, that’s roughly about 4 teaspoons only And it will increase to 200 mL when the baby is one years old. Therefore, the new-born baby needs very little milk. Next, let’s see the mechanism of breast milk secretion A lot of mothers are very anxious for not knowing whether they have enough milk. Due to the baby’s crying and other people’s questioning, a lot of mothers start to squeeze out the milk with the breast pump to see how much volume of milk they can be secreted.
Breast milk is usually more than we can imagine We need to know that the best breast pump is actually our baby The volume they drink is often more than we can squeeze out. Meanwhile, the secretion volume usually matches baby’s demand. Mother can feed the babies when they are hungry or crying. Through the stimulation of sucking from babies, the mother’s body will urge the secretion of the hormone so that our body will produce more milk. Therefore, when the newborn is in the first 1-2 months mothers will be able to feed babies according to their demand. The frequency of feeding time every day can be 10-12 times.
Through the stimulation of suckling by babies mother’s body will be able to secret more breast milk. Another thing that mothers need to be aware of. Milk supply at night is usually more than that in the daytime. Due to the tradition of postpartum care in Taiwan, a lot of mothers feel like, in order to have a good rest they choose to have the caregiver to take care of babies at night. But if they can learn how to breastfeed when lying on the bed at night and still feed babies by demands the secretion of breast milk can be enhanced at this moment. Another important thing is that New mothers should be relaxed because our mood will affect the secretion of milk.
When the mother is feeling pressure and anxiety, it will affect the mothers hormone and inhibit its secretion and reduce the secretion of breast milk. And so, the people around the mother should try their best to help the mother relaxed. When the mother feels relaxed the prolactin will be secreted more and the production of breast milk will be much smoother. Another thing is when mothers occurred with swelling breast, breastfeeding is a must When the breast is full and hard, it is the time that the breast milk secretes a lot. If the breastfeeding or squeezing-out milk is not carried out, the body will then receive the signal that the baby’s demand might be decreased It will restrain the secretion of breast milk.
That is, when mothers go back to work and are not able to breastfeed they must squeeze out the milk once the they have swelling breast In this way, it will send a signal to the body that the secretion of the milk should be carried on.

New mothers have many concerns about taking care of their babies. For example, they do not know whether they have enough milk. In this video, Prof. Chen will explain the solutions and also give some tips for new Mom.

In fact, new-born baby needs very little milk. Through the stimulation of sucking from babies, the mother’s body will urge the secretion of the hormone, the secretion volume usually matches the baby’s demand.

If the mothers are well informed, there will be less frustration on nourish the newborn.
There are hospitals using dummies to train pregnancy women breastfeeding. How does a new mom be well informed in your country? If you are willing to share, do comments below. Please remember to avoid sensitive topics and we would recommend not oversharing in your post!

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