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Students discuss their preparation

Students share their experiences: How do they prepare themselves for a study session?
On Mondays, I plan ahead for the whole week. I grab a piece of paper and pen, and then I look at all the tests I have to do and spread it out on the whole week. I plan my study in a weekly basis because I prefer to study in a quiet place. That’s why I always book a studio in advance. I grab my laptop and study material, and then I go to the library. For me, planning for a studying session, I need to work out exactly what’s going to be required of me over the whole block or the whole semester. And I have to plan it backwards.
So first thing I do is I look for when things are due– like when the exam is or when the assignments are due– and build backwards from that because I get caught out a lot with conflicting priorities.
Well, in the mornings I start off with a cup of coffee and some breakfast. After that, I look at all the tasks that I have to do that day. I grab some lunch, and after that I pack all the stuff I need. I grab my bicycle, and I go to the faculty library. First of all when I get up, I’m quickly checking the plan to see what it is that I’ve got to get done for the day. Then it’s grabbing the books, making sure that I’ve got everything that I need for that subject for that day. Then it’s off to the library. And for me, I’m trying to treat it like a job.
So it’s either 9:00 to 5:00–
I want to get into the library at 9:00–
or 11:00 till 7:00. It all depends what time I go home the night before as to what time I’ll get to the library, but it’s a full day.
When I arrive at the faculty library, I look for a nice spot to set up my laptop. While I start the laptop, I grab all the things I need plus a bottle of water. And after that, I read all the things that I did the day before, and then I continue where I left off. After I arrive at the library, the first thing I do is to tie up my hair, because I feel more fresh. I always keep my phone facing down because I won’t be disturbed by the phone. I can’t sit for four hours studying the whole time, so I try and get up at least every hour.
And I’ll walk outside, go for a coffee, and take a break for 5, 10, 15 minutes. Sitting for that long just doesn’t work for me.

Preparation is key for a good study method. In this video Andrew, Ruyi and Raphaël share their methods of preparation.

Please post answers to the following questions in the comments (below this step) and explore what others have shared:

  • What preparation step, shown in this video, do you recognise?
  • What is the first thing you do when you start studying?
  • Do you have any tips for other students in this course?
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