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Students make a long term plan

Students reflect on how it was for them making a long-term plan. They do so directly after making the plan as well as one week later.
I found it quite difficult because I thought I would only need to look into course menus, but actually, I need to focus more on details. Long-term planning was really easy for me because I already use it for work, but now I also apply it to my studies. And now, I have an overview for my studies and for work just in one overview. When I made the long-term plan, I found it really useful, so that I know exactly what was going to be required of me for the block. Getting the reading list for the subject isn’t really the same. I needed to then get all the documents together just to see how many pages there were.
But then it’s helped me to realise how many hours I’m going to have to set aside for it.
I first, write down the chapters I need to read per week, and then I go further into details, for example, the page number. And then I can know how many hours I need to spend per week. I think, while making the plan, I should add more buffer time in between, so it makes my life easier. So I have an overview of the whole month. And every colour represents a different project, like pink is studies, green is work, blue are fun things I do, and yellow are appointments that I have to attend. First of all, I noticed it helps me to implement work and study together. Second of all, I noticed I still forget to implement more revision into my weeks.
So that’s a thing I really need to work on. So this is the overview of the reading for the block for that subject. It didn’t look unmanageable with what was in the reader or the amount of articles that we were supposed to read. Working with the long-term plan, it’s still in development. I’m still sort of realising how long it takes me to read different types of documents, like the difference between a case and an article or a case and a book. So it’s just working out how long it takes to read some of those things.

In this video students share their experiences with making a plan and working with it. The experiences might be different for you or other learners, depending on several factors, such as your study load and whether you are already used to working with long term plans.

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How was it to work with a plan?

How do you think your plan helped you or, if you have not had time to create a long-term plan (yet), could help you?

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