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Students making a SMART plan

In this video, students share their first experiences with S.M.A.R.T. planning.
After making a weekly planning by going through every letter of the SMART plan one by one, I think it will help me to make a more realistic planning for every day of the week. I think that SMART planning is very helpful, because I know exactly what to do during the week. So I know where to focus on.
Working with the SMART plan helped me realise two things. The first thing is that the plans that I used to make were more of a to-do list than actually a weekly planning. The second thing is there are some tests that are more difficult than I thought. So I should allow myself to take more time for the difficult things that I have in my weekly planning, making it a more realistic planning for every day of the week. So when creating the week plan, it’s easy to sort of putting the things that you know that are going to happen like your lectures, or the appointments that you’re attending, or the things that you’ve got scheduled.
For me the difficulty in the SMART week plan is the specifics of exactly what it is that you’re going to be doing that day just because some of the things I’m still not sure on how long it’s actually going to take me to do some of those things.

Ruyi, Raphaël and Andrew explain what they thought of making a week plan, using the SMART techniques as explained in the animation.

In the video, Andrew mentions that it can be hard to find out how long certain tasks will take. How do you deal with planning in tasks, of which you are unsure how long they will take?

Please share your thoughts on or experiences with this issue.

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