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How to sharpen your knife

Keeping knives sharp is very important especially for safety reasons, in this article we explain how to sharpen a knife correctly.
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Sharpening knives can be done using different tools, here we look at what you can select from.

Sharpening wet stone

A sharpening wet stone has two sides – 1 rough and 1 smooth. Sharpen knives regularly to maintain edge, hone after sharpening.

Wet stone

  • Lubricate the wet stone with oil or water.
  • Move the knife edge at a 20 degree angle over the rough side and then the smooth side to establishes a V-shaped edge.
  • Wash your knife to clean any filings off the blade.

Diamond coated steel (similar to a honing steel)

Diamond coated steel

  • Hold the knife at the handle and slide from the heel to the tip on both sides using your wrists.
  • Using your thumb as a measure is perfect for establishing the right angle.
  • Wash your knife to clean any filings off the blade.

Honing steel

Use in between cutting tasks to regain sharp edge.

Honing Steel

  • Use correct angle when honing and prevent injury. The process is described with the diamond steel.

How to sharpen your knife using a honing steel

You can either sharpen your knife on the board, and once you become more comfortable sharpening your knife you can progress to lifting it off the board, as shown in the two video clips below.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

Do not forget Wash all tools in soapy water and dry them thoroughly after sharpening and store in the appropriate location.


If you have a sharpening tool, firstly check to see how sharp your knife is by cutting through a potato. Sharpen your knife in the manner that you have been shown. Now cut the potato again. What were your observations before and after? Please share these with the group.

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