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Wrap-up of key takeaways

In this article, we will discuss the key takeaways from week 1.

As you’ve learnt so far, there is a lot of preparation that goes into launching a successful business in wellness. You now understand just how critical it is to get clarity on your idea, to solve a real problem, and to validate this through real industry data and trend analysis.

Early on in this week of the course, you heard from Ben Branson and Jules Miller, explaining the inspiration that they used to launch their respective businesses. This set the tone for you to begin thinking about how you can turn your own passion for, or interest in, wellness into a business. But as we learnt, it doesn’t stop there.

Inspiration will get you started, but it’s critical that you validate your idea by finding out whether other people would buy your product or service. We talked about how to decide whether you opt for a product or service-based business, and how this will solve the specific problems that you’ve defined. Remember, you learnt that you could solve this problem by either getting innovative and coming up with a whole new solution OR looking at how this problem has been solved in other countries or markets. We described this as the difference between pioneering innovation and iteration of an existing idea.

You now know the importance of setting SMART goals so that you can stay on track with your goals in a meaningful and measured way. This became the basis for a business plan, which you now have a full structure for preparing – to get more focused and stay on track with your vision.

You also understand the importance of testing your idea with an MVP. Anna Brightman, the founder of UpCycle, emphasised this by sharing her experience and the ways in which she and her business partner tested their products with real consumers, before making big decisions and further investment.

What do you think?

As we conclude this week of the course, take some time to share your learnings with your peers in the Comments section below.

What have you now learnt that will help you take action to explore your business ideas more effectively?

What are 3 steps you know you can now take to get clear on your idea and bring it to life?

Also, since accountability is so key to staying on track with your ideas, consider some timelines or deadlines for these tasks and share those with the group, too.

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