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Service and Locational Based Content

Service and locational based content
<v ->When it comes to producing content for your website,</v> the first place to start is to produce service related content. So this is content related to a service you offer. So typically these type of contents will be informational type of posts on your website. So as a result, they will come under your blog. So for example, for level finish, you can go to my services, you can see we offer hardwood carpet, laminate, tile and vinyl. So you get all types of flooring we install. However, each service I can produce content around it. So for hardwood flooring, I can brainstorm and come up with ideas such as how much is hardwood flooring? What are the pros and cons of hardwood flooring?
When should you pick hardwood flooring over laminate flooring for example. For carpet you could have how to clean your carpet. What are the best products to clean your carpet with? Is carpet good for people with allergies? So as you can see, these are all ideas and continent related around the services I offer. So for example, if you’re a plumber and you have a service such as sink unblocking that would be your main obviously service page. You can have an article talking about how to keep your sink free from blockages for example. I just educate people really build trust with the user.
So once you do that, you actually be surprised because when you compile a list of all of the services you offer, and all the content you actually craft around the service, you’ll have a massive list and tons of content to upload. Once you’ve done that, the second thing you can move on to is what we call locational content. So this is content which is typically crafted around the location you are servicing. So for me, it would be Richmond, Virginia. To get loads of ideas about this, you simply go over to Google, and you would Google something like things to do in Richmond, Virginia.
And what this will do for you will actually return a little section like this top things to do in Richmond. You can actually click more things to do here and expand to get some more ideas. So do bear in mind, when you end up writing about things to do in Richmond, Virginia, it’s not going to help people buy our products and services. But what it does do it has an SEO benefit in the background. So to rank on page one of Google, you need to have what we call a geographical relevance. So geo relevance. Essentially, it’s just letting Google know you are actually based in that city.
So when you end up writing about things like this, so for example, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. If you keep writing about things to do within Virginia, it’s going to become apparent to Google after a certain time that you are actually based in Virginia. And as a result, you’re gonna be more likely to appear for keywords and things to do in regards to Richmond such as carpet installation, Richmond, Virginia for example. So these type of artwork like I said, they’re not going to attract customers, however what we gonna do is going to push up higher in Google in the backend. I’m actually gonna talk about this in a lot more detail on the on page SEO section.
However for now, I just want to make you aware, you can actually write about things like this as well. So you can see straight away I’ve got free right there six, nine, 12. I have got 12 ideas. I click the button here and even get more and more ideas. However, just do bear in mind, when we write about things like landmarks and sites that are more local to your city, you don’t want to go too far out and you can actually confuse Google to where you are actually based. So this is two really good spots to start with. So there’s going to be your service related content. And it’s going to be what we call your geo related content.
So content based on your location and your geographical area.

Having both service and locational based content on your website is a great way to reinforce to Google what services you offer, along with what locations you offer them in.

The more clarity Google has about your services and locations, the more likely Google is to rank your website for search phrases related to those services and locations.

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