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Course Overview

Course overview
Hi everyone. Welcome to join our new course. This is the introduction for our new course Lecture on clinical pharmacy series, number six and this course as focus on pharmacotherapy in renal failure. I’m professor Shawn Chang at College of pharmacy - Taipei Medical University. And this course is actually focused on total pharmacy care for patients with kidney diseases. And thus the principle of pharmacokinetics and also dosing strategy for patient with impaired renal functions and end stage renal disease (ESRD) will be reviewed and also we will review the patient, those pharmaceutical care for acute renal failure and also end stage renal disease.
So by completing this six-week course you will actually learn and integrate your knowledge from pharmacokinetics and to pharmacotherapy and many clinical practice issues. So by that I hope you enjoy our new course. Thank you for your listening

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Welcome to our clinical pharmacy series. I am Prof. Shawn Chen, the main educator of this course.

Joining me on this course is the following international instructor: Charles Lee, Visiting Professor, College of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University

In this course, you will learn critical consideration in total pharmaceutical care for patients with kidney diseases, such as dosing strategies.

What will you learn from this course?

  • Discusses the principles of pharmacokinetics and drug dose adjustment in renal disease.
  • Introduce basic renal physiology and function, including filtration, secretion and reabsorption.
  • Learn to calculate renal clearance by different methods and recommend dosing regimen for renal insufficient patients.
  • Summarizes the general principles for dosage adjustment in dialysis patients.
  • Review of the pharmacotherapy for acute kidney failure and end stage renal diseases. Help participants apply knowledge learned from lectures into clinical practice and integrate skills and concepts to be clinical pharmacists.

Attachment is the syllabus provided for you to see the summary of each week.

We hope you enjoy your learning!

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Pharmacokinetics: Drug Dosing in Renal Disease

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