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Fruit powders

In this video Dr. Michalska describes how fruit powders can be considered as superfoods, and the issues to consider when choosing a fruit powder.
Anna Michalska: Hello. My name is Anna Michalska and today I’m going to speak about fruit powders. Fruit powders are fruits after water removal in a powdered form. Fruit powders can be called superfoods as we can obtain a spoon of powder instead of a whole fruit Fruit powders can be made from whole fruits or juices or pomace as the waste product of the production of juices. The way to obtain them, it’s completely different. We need to use appropriate methods to obtain really great powders in terms of the characteristic and physical properties. Fruit powders can be obtained by vacuum drying, microwave vacuum drying, freeze drying or spray drying in dependence of the form of the material subjected to the dehydration process.
All these drying methods can have a different impact of the product quality. Sometimes we can improve that by active compounds content inside the powders, and sometimes we observe the degradation of the natural product inside the powders. The main reason to produce fruit powders is to have an access to bioactive compounds all over the year without seasoning of the fruits, so we can have them in a natural way all the time. We can add them to our favorite foodstuff, to our yogurt, to our muesli, to the bakery products. In this way, we can improve the properties of our meals. Many people imagine that fruit powders are just fruits without the water but to obtain them is a very complicated task.
As I mentioned before, we can obtain fruit powders from different parts. From the whole fruits, from the juices or from the waste product as pomace. To obtain them, we need to use very complicated drying methods. The dehydration, as other processing technologies, can lower the quality of the natural bioactive compounds present in the fruits or in our powders. Thus we need to make them as much as possible to preserve them in the products. The water removal from the fruits, it’s a very complicated task because the water is bonded inside the structure. To remove the water, we need to apply special methods that we can adjust to have very dry powders like the water content should be at the level of 5%.
In order to obtain this, we apply many methods, drying methods that enable us to remove the water from the fruits. However, as all the processing technologies, they have influence on the final product. On the one hand, we can decrease the content of bioactive compounds, but on the other, we can also improve the content on the other compounds because sometimes we can release the compounds from the structure. Thus the main goal in production of fruit powders is to have as many as possible bioactive compounds in the natural form. We can have powders from superfruits like chokeberries, cranberries, blackberries, blueberries or black currants.
The best way to obtain the high-quality powders is to preserve as much bioactive compounds as we can have inside the powder. We should be very careful about the technology as well as the products that on the market because the producers today are using a special carrier agent to improve the drying processes and also to improve the product quality after processing. This mean that the powders have a very nice structure but inside we have too much additional additives or additional substances that decrease the quality of the final product.
We should be careful about the ingredients inside because if the producers are add too much substances, in fact, we don’t have the fruit powders, we have the carrier powders with a drop of a juice or a fruit. Fruit powders can be add to any foodstuff we like. We can improve the properties of our meals by adding the additional bioactive compounds present in fruit powders. In some cases, fruit powders can be used as natural colorant, which means that we can improve also the attractiveness of our product before we start to eat it. Another option by application of fruit powders is to have them as a dry form of juice.
When we don’t want to carry the juice without us, we can just add a little bit of water inside the powder and have a nutritional drink after mixing with the water. Fruit powders might be an easy way to have an access to the biologically active compounds that can improve our health, but remember that the way of the production extremely important because of preservation of this compound inside the powders. We need to pay attention about the content inside the powders as we want to have as much fruit as it’s possible to be inside the powder before we consume them.
In conclusion, the quality of the fruit powder is strongly dependent of the drying method, and also about the content of the carrier agents inside the product. Be careful, before you choose the fruit powder that you would like to add to your favorite meal, take care about the ingredients inside the powder.

Superfoods are often fresh fruits and vegetables.

However, in some cases, the cost both of transporting and refrigerating fresh fruits for extended periods of time can be high, both in economic and environmental terms.

Fruit powders are an alternative that allows us to enjoy fruits grown in remote places, or outside of their harvest season.

However, the different techniques used to produce fruit powders lead to final products with different characteristics, both in terms of taste and of phytochemical content. It is therefore important to pay attention to the powder characteristics before adding it to meals.

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