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Wrapping up week 2

In this article we look back on week 2
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Well done for completing week 2! This week we started by discussing how different identities & cultural contexts shape people’s experiences at work, and how psychological patterns and behaviours such as code-switching and impostor syndrome can impede the ability to flourish and innovate. We also reflected on how our perceptions and biases can limit the potential of innovators if left unchallenged.

Next, we explored ways to build a diverse work culture. We heard from Nathan and Adiba about the benefits of working with and learning from people with different backgrounds and perspectives. You then made your own action plan for how you can support diverse innovation wherever you are in your career.

We moved on to looking at case studies that showcase diverse innovation, from architecture to immersive online events. You undertook your own research and shared examples that inspired you, and then made an action plan for an event that could support diverse innovation. We also considered listening to communities as a form of good practice, and you considered what this could mean for you.

Finally, we discussed the role of trust in supporting diverse innovation, and you reflected on how you can ensure you build and don’t break trust over time

Next week, we will explore the importance of transparency and accountability. We will look at ways to amplify the voices of diverse innovators and consider how you can put the things you’ve learned into practice.

To wrap up the week, we’d love to hear one thing that stood out for you this week. Was there a moment when a concept, example or another learner’s comment really resonated with you? Share your thoughts with each other below, and as always, deepen your learning by reading and responding to other peoples’ contributions.

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